Saturday, February 16, 2013

We have come to end of our course and beginning of our action research!!

We have quickly come to the end of this course but have begun to venture into the world of action research!
I wish everyone the best of luck in their action research project :)
These are my thoughts from this course......
  • What really caught my interest in this coarse is the way that research has changed from traditional research.  This new type of research intrigues me because it allows for questions to arise and solutions to be found.  These solutions are specific to what the researcher is looking for and not a traditional solution that may be outdated.  This type of action research is also ongoing and can involve as many participants as needed.  It is not a one for all type of research. 
  • I would still like to learn to involve others in also doing action research, especially teachers, because they are the ones that feel so overwhelmed.  Administrators have to be the one motivating the teachers to continue their hard work even on days when it all seems lost.  I think that is administrators and teachers get involved in action research it will benefit our number 1 priority, Students. 
  • To continue to build my knowledge in this area, I plan on looking at administrator and teacher relationships.  How do they work together and what goes hand in hand in order for a successful outcome.

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