Sunday, February 10, 2013

Still working on action research plan...

1.    Examining the work: Setting the Foundation – in other words, identifying needs or topics for action research and this may emerge from the Site Based Decision Making Committee, or from needs like those identified in your intern plan.
The need for the action research plan has arisen from the need to see ELL student achievement for AYP.
2.    Analyzing data – you have had many opportunities to do this, and you  examined at least 9 data gathering strategies from your text in Part 2 of this week’s assignments
I will be getting my data from walkthroughs, online usage reports, AYP and STAAR.
3.    Developing deeper understanding – these are additional data collection techniques, as well as, examining qualitative data through active listening, focus groups, etc
Interview the director of Bilingual ESL and the administrators.
4.    Engaging in Self-Reflection – this summarizes much of what you have been doing in this course, and throughout the program, beginning with your many self-assessments of leadership in EDLD 5311
·         Do I possess the resources needed to conduct a successful action research plan?
·         How will the teachers react to the implementation of SIOP?
·         Will administrators be willing to look at SIOP as a model that will help student achievement for all students or only the Ell’s?

5.    Exploring Programmatic Patterns – This includes asking the appropriate questions, identifying data patterns and gaps, and learning to address equity issues
I can have conversations with the administrator and director in regards to the pros and cons of the SIOP model.
6.    Determining direction – Working collaboratively to address action research questions, monitoring progress, and assessing achievement
I have all of these components ready for the action research plan. 
7.    Taking action for school improvement – Using appropriate steps or templates like the SIP or PIP Plan of action to guide the action research
I am using the 7.1 template for my action research plan.
8.    Sustaining improvement – Learning to use the tools of action research as an on-going process for professional development and school improvement.
Share the results with the director, administrators, online and other instructional specialist in my department.

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