Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Action research progress....

Action Research Project Title: “In what way will implementing the SIOP model help increase student achievement at Montwood High School.” 

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Number of AR Project Documented Hours: none

AR Project Summary (at least 250 words):  I just completed my action research project plan in the last course that I took.  I am currently in the first stage of the project.  The first phase is to make sure that the teachers at Montwood High school are SIOP trained.  Our department will be completing the trainings at the end of May 2013.  At that time I will be able to determine the teachers that were trained.  After the teachers are trained I can start going into their classrooms and conduct walkthroughs.  The walkthroughs will be done by me, the department and the administrative team.  I am not sure if I can document the hours that I have trained or to begin the documentation of the hours until I have started the walkthroughs.  That is the reason that I have written none of the above question.  I also need to go back to my blog and blog about the teachers training progress.  They have been very receptive to the SIOP model and excited about taking it back to their classroom.  My department and I have also been in constant communication with the administrative team in order to make sure that the teachers are SIOP trained.  I am excited to see how the walkthroughs go at the campus level.  The administrative team is also interested in seeing how the SIOP model is used in the program.  I am also curious to see if the SIOP model will have an impact on AYP for the next school year.  This will greatly affect how the SIOP model will be implemented after next year.

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